Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ethics, dogs and music

Okay I am simple and I am concrete (uh-oh i am going into ee cummings mode) we have a major of baltimore city convicted of a crime why is she still in office shouldnt she be like fired what would happen to us if we got convicted i dont know i am confused at 52 i still dont understand things

i have two lawyer friends who talked about the trial tonite i like them both but i chose to ignore i think they missed the point that she is a crook shades of marvin mandel and spiro t agnew

on the brighter side my friend tami is starting a dog rescue ill get the link out to you to donate and we have adopted a new lab named JC wait a minute he wants a hug .... good lord he just loves to be hugged he is a yellow lab barely 2 years old, he has chewed the strap of my converse basketball shoes, but that's ok

also my friend kevin has a blog on banking and social media ill get the link too
progress is slow but worth the wait

finally i want to talk about the music i have recorded on cassettes but i need to get that together did you catch my pictures on fb of my last surviving 8 track i think its on my profile if not ask me Ill dig it up

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