Friday, December 25, 2009

A Christmas Story

It was just past six when we knocked on the door on 32 nd St. Little Bebe drew back the curtain and peered. I said we were from Saint Francis and we had foood and presents. 32nd St. A stones throw from Memorial Stadium where I spent many nights in believing in Oriole magic. Now I was here giving back. Little Bebe disappeared from the door I went back to the car to get more food and presents. When I returned, Beth was talking to Little Bebe and taking food and gifts into the house. Once inside, I heard a voice from the top of the stairs saying "I am going to try and make it downstairs". The voice was from Bebe the "mother" of Little Bebe, age 10 and David age 17, Malcom age 16 and Gary age 14. Bebe was 72, with arthritis and limited mobility but was the "mother" of these 4 children. Where was the bioligical mother of these 4 children I thought? It didn't matter, the family on the Saint Francis Family Christmas Giving Form had Bebe, Little Bebe and her siblings.

Bebe's house was a modest rowhouse, somewhat homey, but definately lacking any signs of the holiday season. But we brought the holiday season to them, with presents for each, clothes and CDs for the boys, a nice sweater for Bebe and clothes and a doll for Little Bebe.

Bebe thanked us and we told her that we and the people of Saint Francis Parish were glad to help.

Isn't that really the true meaning of Christmas is helping others? It's a great feeling to give.

Merry Christmas!

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