Friday, January 1, 2010

Brush your teeth - A resolution for the new decade

Maeve Welinsky towers over me. She has pointy metal objects probing my mouth while she chats about her children. She asks about my family. Isn't it funny how dentist ask you questions when you mouth is somewhat crowded with a suction hose, various metal instruments and their hands. I said "ga z om m schz" Translation: "Hannah is home from school". "Ahh" she says "that is great to have children home for the holidays". She continues to clean my teeth and we chat about the holidays. She finishes up and I proceed to the receptionist to make my next appointment.

I look up on the wall and a see a poster of human body from the waist up with lines drawn from the mouth to the various major organs of the body. I commented to Dr. Welinsky about the illustration. She said she was at a conference over the summer and the discussion was about the correlation of poor dental hygiene to major diseases , diabetes , various types of head and neck cancers. She said there was a high incidence of people who had major health issues and poor dental hygiene. Well, I know what I am doing for the next 10 years. Happy New Year!

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