Saturday, June 12, 2010

Death of a watermelon Part I

Well, I thought I had it all figured out.... balance, stability, load requirements etc. For the past three years I have doing analysis and conducting R&D on transporting a watermelon (WM). from the Duck Fruit Stand to our vacation beach house Somerset Heath on Wampum Drive.

The length is about a half mile consisting of crossing Route 12 in Duck to Wampum drive. The mode of transportation is my hybrid 21 speed bike. Now riding a bike and balancing a WM is difficullt as I learned through my testing. I failed miserably at my two attempts. They were transporting the WM in the plastic bag and riding my bike. Well let me say skinned knees and hurt pride were the outcome. This year would be different so I thought, fueled by the many wintry nights in Charm City thinking about the beach, sunshine I had a plan. First a luggage carrier for my bike, second a plastic square milk crate and thirdly the most important invention of the 20th century - the bungee cord. I secured the milk crate from a roll off dumpster from the office complex behind my house on my many walks with JC -not a spiritual thing with the Son of God, but JC my dog. For my 53rd birthday I asked for a gift card to Performance Bike shop to buy a luggage rack and of course the bungee chords came from the other shopping marvel of the 20th century the dollar store. Part Two coming